Harry goes golfing in Essex & The boys in the Studio

On the 20th April 2011, Harry was golfing in Essex.

He uploaded a photo after his day out

Harry goes golfing with friends Ben, Jake and Seb.

Jake Wakelin tweeted
“Dream team.. team at my golf day..thanks @BenModestMgmt @Harry_Styles and seb..came 3rd!! http://yfrog.com/h0tybrej
One Direction have been spending hours in a Recording Studio, working on their upcoming Album, set to be released in Summer. You can expect a new single, followed by an Album.
There have been rumours that they are collaborating with Brit Award winner Tinie Tempah, but nothing has been confirmed, and this may be a rumour due to Louis’ mum’s tweet the other day, replying to a fan who asked about the collaboration:
“@Ciara_Sullivan Where has this come from hun? Xx
This brings me onto another topic I want to talk about: Twitter. Follow @1DUpdates on twitter for all the latest on 1D’s whereabouts and such. They won’t give out hotels or gossip, but they do an awful lot of research and give an awful lot of info out everyday. There  are 6 dedicated fans who operate the account, and I’m a big fan.

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