Ustream/Busy Month

As you all remember, did a Ustream on 22nd July 2011. Luckily for you, I downloaded the video and put it onto youtube.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

It’s going to be one busy month from here on out for 1D!

They travelled to Radio 1 last Wednesday (10th July) to promote their OWN new single, What makes you beautiful. (Interview is here)

Lyric video is now online, on their vevo here.

The boys will be travelling around radio stations next week. 1DUpdates on Twitter post a lot of info about which stations at which times.

On Vevo, the info has leaked of two What makes you beautiful teaser trailers.

Screenshot taken from 13/08/11

In September, expect lots of excitement, as their single is released on iTunes on 11th September and in HMV/other retailers on 12th September.

Pre order here.

Single signings will follow at end of September/Beginning of October.

The news of the single release leads on to some rather exciting news; 1D have broke a world record!

They are the first ever band to get their single to number 1 in the iTunes chart without bringing out their album/single!

In fact, when the single jumped to number 1, nobody had ever heard it!

Dedicated fans, that’s for sure!


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