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Don’t hate on Eleanor Calder
March 18, 2012

If you’re jealous of her, then rant to yourself. Words can be a passing thing or a lingering memory. Don’t hurt her feelings, because if she tells Louis about your hurtful comments, Louis won’t like you, and you’ve failed at getting to him and you’ll never have a chance with him.

It’s the same with Danielle!

And even Caroline. Yes, what she said was wrong and offensive and rude, but Harry liked her, so it wasn’t necessary to sink to her level.


March 18, 2012

I just want to clear up some things.

A lot of you are saying “Oh, I’m __’s type because they like brunettes/because we’re alike!” etc.

I don’t want to break your hearts nor give you false hope, but sometimes opposites attract too.

And if a member says they like a colour hair; looks aren’t anything but a one night stand.

If you have a nice personality, it won’t matter! So please, stop dieting, dying your hair etc. for the boys, because it won’t be appreciated much. 

Thank you.