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US Tour Dates and such
May 7, 2012

Hello all. 

A LOT of you Americans want to know about US tour dates, and I’ve replied to most of you, but for future reference, you’ll find a whole list of North America tour dates right here:

So knock yourself out!

I may actually make a page for tour dates, but that depends on a few things… So, until furthur notice, just use that link!

Thank you!



May 6, 2012

Hello all, just wanted to remind you that I’ve not updated this since late last year.

I am going to spend a lot of time changing the wrong information on this website as I know it’s not correct and I don’t need you all constantly telling me.

When it was once useful, a few of you are attempting to be patronising and it’s not needed.

Anyways, soon enough there’ll be a LOT of changes and it’ll be pretty and correct.

Thank you for visiting 🙂