Welcome to the One Direction News WordPress.

I’m here bringing you as much as the latest news about 1D as possible. That includes girlfriends, friends, where 1D are etc. etc.

I’m not going to go on too much about where they are and such, cause I may get some info wrong and I don’t want to be the blame for posting invalid information. 🙂

I will make a twitter for this wordpress when I have the time.

Just enjoy the website, I’ve already put up a page about the boys, if you have any suggestions about how to improve the site, just comment below! vvv

Correct me in any way you want, but please don’t be harsh!

“Signing off”

– OneDirectionNews



10 Responses

  1. Hi 😀 I love your page I just have one question-
    Are you 100% sure your info pages on the boys are true? 🙂 I just want to be sure hehe

    • On some of the info I am 100% sure!
      But on other parts I have made mistakes. I am correcting these mistakes right now.
      Thank you:)

  2. I love You 1D..

    I hope Both of You can Concert here in the philippines everybody is waiting here..

    i hope so..

    god Bless you ALL ..

  3. i love you one direction zayn you are amazayn and harry i love you lots of love holly stylesand kaitlan malik

  4. I didnt know onw person could know THAT MUCH about 5 people!!!

    • Haha, I know so much more it’s just not necessary to include here 🙂

  5. omg! One direction are amazing! i hope they come to watford sooon! love them sooo much!

    Love Kerii,Natasha&Chelsea xoxo

  6. Hi i love 1D and i say thnx! Cause ive lurnd
    Tings bout harry louis zayn liam and niall
    From this and i tink i speec for evry1 wen
    I say THANK YOU😊

  7. yes u do I LOVE LOUIS. I ❤ U LOUIS………..;)

  8. I think that your page is great but do the band members ever actually see it?

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