Meet the Members

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When they entered the X Factor (series 7, 2010), they were just 5 boys with one dream, all moving in one direction.






These 5 teenagers now make up One Direction, one of the UK’s biggest pop boy-bands of 2011, with over 500,000 followers on social network, Twitter.

Their debut single, What makes you beautiful, can be bought on iTunes from 11th September and from HMV/ other retailers from 12th September 2011.

It can be pre ordered now.

Watch the lyric video below:

Music Video (Released on 19/08/11):

(The B-Side of the single is entitled Na Na Na)

One Direction

One Direction, Simons House, 2010

Names: Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn

TV Shows:

  • Alan Carr: Chatty Man
  • The Alan Titchmarsh show
  • Red or Black?
  • The X Factor
  • Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night

Singles/B Sides:

  • What Makes You Beautiful / Na Na Na
  • Gotta Be You / Another World


  • Up All Night
  • Up All Night: Yearbook Edition (Limited)

Unofficial Singles:

  • Forever Young

The X Factor: Facts

  • The boys auditioned as solo artists in Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin
  • They were put together at bootcamp
  • Liam had been on TXF in 2008
  • Simon became their mentor
  • They were the final group to be knocked out
  • They were Simon’s final act to be knocked out
  • They got to the semi-finals, and were beat by Matt Cardle (winner) and Rebecca Ferguson (Runner Up) who were respectable opponents
  • They were rooting for Matt to win after they came 3rd
  • There was some contraversy and publicity over the words that Harry whispered into Matt’s ear as he sang the winners song

The X Factor 2010: Summary in a glimpse

  • One Direction were competing against Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, Aiden Grimshaw, Nicolo Festa, Trayc Cohen, Katie Waissel, Belle Amie, FYD, Diva Fever, Mary Byrne, Wagner, Paije Richardson, John Adeleye and Storm Lee in the Live Shows
  • One Direction sang (in order of weeks): Torn (Judges Houses), Viva La Vida, My Life Would Suck Without You, Nobody Knows, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Kids in America, Something about the way you look tonight, All You Need is Love, Summer of ’69, You Are So Beautiful, Only girl (in the World), Chasing Cars, Your Song, She’s The One (With Robbie Williams), Torn and if they had won, their single would have been Forever Young.
  •  1D did video diaries every week to entertain their fans and keep them informed.
  • Steve Brookstein became a hater of the group and sent offence to Louis over twitter, to which fans reacted to swiftly and even Jay (Louis’ mum) got involved.
  • One Direction’s bedroom was always the smelliest in TXF house
  • Their friends in TXF house included Cher, Matt, Aiden, Belle Amie, Mary, Paije and Rebecca.
  • Relationships: Zayn was linked to Geneva Lane from Belle Amie. Niall was linked to Gillian McKeith’s daughter. Louis was with Hannah Walker. Liam was linked to Danielle Peazer (after TXF). Harry was linked to Cher. Niall was linked to Cher. Liam was linked to Cher.
  • TXF gained 1D a solid fanbase of 100,000 + fans, a verified twitter page and lots of love and hate.

Romantic Links!

  • Girls that 1D have been linked with include: Cher Lloyd, Hannah McKeith, Danielle Peazer, Eleanor (*), Geneva Lane, Rebecca Ferguson, Hannah Walker, Caroline Flack, An actress from Hollyoaks and Madison from the WMYB video.

Fan Pages (Twitter)!

  • I haven’t included links to these pages.
  • 1DirectionGang
  • Stylators
  • International1D
  • Louis_TFans
  • LouisTommo1D
  • WeLoveLouisT
  • ZaynMalikArmy
  • Paynettes
  • YOUR PAGE HERE! (just ask via comments!)


36 Responses

  1. i LOVE those 5 guys, i LOVE OneDirection, and i LOVE you for giving me those facts, thank you ❤ xx

  2. niall-
    ”we’re the four best friends”

  3. In a June-July 2011 issue of a magazine i’ve got it says: Rebecca recently confirmed that she and zayn were an item saying, ‘We’re in love and it’s hard to see how negative things have become. I want people to know i’m happy, he’s happy and we’re in a loving relationship. It’s sad that people are so against it.’

    So i think whether Zayn likes it or not, the word has spread and it’s no longer rumours, it’s true!!

  4. A quote for Liam ‘LETS GET WET’ in one of the teasers for WMYB (: xo

  5. niall Quotes –
    ”I Would Be a Terrys Chocolate orange…Because There Mine Never Mind Terry”
    ”we’re the four best friends, that anyone could have”
    ”i’d definitely date a fan as long as she didn’t just scream in my face all evening.”
    “the lights hot, everything’s hot, I’m hot.”
    ”my first celebrity crush was J-Lo who can resist that bum?”
    ”red bull doesnt give ya wings, it just makes ya sick”
    ”He’s talking shit. I’m the real deal!”
    ”What’s crack-a-lacka-doo-doo?”
    ”Whats the craic jetlag?”
    ”I’ve been looking shabby for the past twelve years.”

    Zayn Quotes-
    “would you like a spring roll babes? BABES?!”
    ”if she’s got a nice smile then that makes everything else worthwhile”
    ”We take the paper off, cause the paper doesnt taste good.”
    ”i can play the triangle.”
    ”Rogan is one of my middle names.”
    ”Tune in next week, when zoe will be eating fruit off my naked body.”
    ”Liam,Harry,Niall and Louis are my brothers from another mother.”

    Liam Quotes-
    ”Ohhhh I dont Know…..Icing sugar”
    “I used to have turtles but there dead.”
    ”Who stole my egg”
    ”We’re on the roof and i’m absolutely freezing my peanuts off!”

    Louis has an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry.
    Niall has an an iPhone 4 and a blackberry.
    Harry has an an iPhone 4 and a blackberry.
    Zayn has an iPhone 4 and has a blackberry too, but he don’t use it. He like’s the iPhone better.
    Liam has a blackberry but also has an iPod touch and an iPad.

    Louis- Dry shampoo for when he can’t be bothered to wash his hair.
    Niall- L’oreal homme wax and clay.
    Harry- Shampoo- He uses L’oreal Elvive
    Zayn- Hair Wax
    Liam- Hair Wax

    Louis- Hollister.
    Niall- Armani Mania.
    Harry- He wears CK in 2U and he loves Diesel Fuel For Life.
    Zayn- Unforgivable by Sean John.
    Liam- Paco Rabanne’s 1 million.

    Louis- If its hot, he sleeps naked. But if it’s chilly, pyjama bottoms.
    Niall- Pants
    Harry- Nothing!
    Zayn- Pants
    Liam- Nothing!

  6. Is there a fact file thing on all of them together, you know the way there is the single ones, well one like that except all together…

    • Do you mean like a “One Direction” Page?
      There isn’t currently, but I’ll make one for you if you like!
      What sort of things would you like included on the page?

  7. Info like in the profiles of each of the guys except all together … other things like what season they were in and their favourite songs to sing together … you know stuff like that 🙂 😀 tehe

  8. BTW if you do make one and its not on this site pplz tell me where i can find it

    • I made it! It’s on this page, hope it’s up to standard:)

  9. Niall and Harry and my favorite they are so CUTE But i LOVE Niall The most he’s Hot 🙂 XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

  10. Love One Direction!!!!!! love them soo much they are amazing <33333


      • Aw Nah they all are ❤ !!! X

    • SAME !!!!!!! :):):):):):) xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Your Zayn link for Meet the Members is giving me a 404 Error Message. Just wanted to let you know! 🙂

  12. Hey do you mind putting my twitter on here please? @MrsStylesnomnom

  13. ❤ them!! 🙂 can't wait unitl i meet them & maybe( hopefully) we can come friends, becuase I'm not opposed or anything 🙂 & the age gape thing (I'm 13, 14 in June) & their or mine won't allow it even if I want to date them. So friends I can do 😀

    • Don’t get your hopes up. In no way do I want to overwrite the possibility of this ever happening, nor do I want to give you false hope. The chance of this happening is very small, so unless you make a lingering impression, you’ll just be another fan. I’m sorry but sometimes the truth is needed.

  14. what is louis’s favorite animal?

  15. Ino this is so mean<3 😦 😦
    This guy in my class said listening to ONE DIRECTION is disgusting. And all the girls in the class hated him for that. But still, love ya soo much gys!!! 😀 x 😀 x

    • It’s not mean, everyone has opinions. I respect him for speaking up and not being part of the crowd just because it’s popular to like One Direction.

  16. I love One Direction!! OMG they are all freaking H-O-T!! I will forever love Zayn Malik!!

  17. can you put my twitter on your page? I need followers and my twitter is all one direction facts. the name is @wondirectioner thanks!

  18. Our fan page is @fco_1direction
    Hahaha xx

  19. I’ve got a question,who have the cleanest room in one direction?

    • GOOD question! I would say Liam. I can see Liam being a little more sanitary than the other boys.

  20. Ok so I am like the BIGGEST NUMBER 1 one direction fan!! They are preeetty much all that I listen to and they are all soooooo adorable!!! ; ) I really want to meet them because they are my LIFE! And it would be really cool to meet my most favorite banned of all time.! lovee youuu <333

    • Louis is sexxy;)

    • Biggest number 1 one direction fan? So there are more number 1 fans and you’re the biggest? 😉

      • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesssssss!!!!!!!! ;D out if every single person in the world, I amm the number 1 biggestt!:*

  21. Please reply back:******

  22. I love u

  23. I really wanna meet one direction….i think I’m obsessed<3

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