Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Above; Liam Payne, One Direction

Name: Liam James Payne

Age: 17 years old

From: Wolverhampton

D.O.B.: 29th August 1993

Hair Colour: Dirty Blond

Eye Colour: Brown

Siblings: 2 – Nicola (22) and Ruth (20)

Parents: Karen and *

Favourite colour: Purple

Best friend(s): Andy Samuels and Marius “Maz” Listhrop

Relationship status: Recently rumoured to be dating Danielle Peazer, but nothing has been confirmed Liam did date Danielle, but there have now been rumours of them breaking up. They were seen together at a house party, kissing/holding hands, so nothing can be confirmed. “In a relationship”. In a recent interview with Chart Show TV, Liam confirmed that he is the only one in the band who isn’t single. He is dating Danielle Peazer.

Can play: Guitar and Piano

Top 5… Songs to make you smile:

1) I don’t trust myself – John Mayer

2) I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

3) Thinking of me – Olly Murs 

4) Who Let the dogs out? – Baha Men

5) Happy Birthday – (“Cos it makes everybody smile!”)

Pet(s): Lost in Action (“:(“)

Hobbies: Basketball

Nicest thing about him (According to him): “Stylist says ‘Thoughtful’ :).”

First concert: Gareth Gates “:S” (“Mum Took Me!”)

Worst Habit (According to him): I worry

Special Skill: Beatbox

Celebrity Crush: Leona Lewis (“Call me.”)

His one wish is: “To be taller. 6’2″”

Ideal girlfriend trait(s): Funny, Easy Going

Ideal superpower: Invisability

Favourite ever song: Happy Birthday – Always means prezzies.

Favourite Film: Click – Adam Sandler

Favourite Food: Chocolate – “Yumm…”

Pet hate: Show offs. “>:|”

Fear(s): Getting Older! (“Liam copied this from me.” – Louis Tomlinson “No I didn’t.” – Liam Payne)

Shoe Size: 8

Well known Quotes:

  • “‘Head and shoulders please!” – After bandmate Louis Tomlinson shakes his salt-filled hair
  • “I have a phobia of spoons I haven’t used one in about 10 years” – On Twitter
  • “Let’s get WET!” – On WMYB teaser (From Sinead)
  • “Ohhhh I dont Know… Icing sugar” (From Rachel)
  • “I’d be a birthday cake!” – In reply to “If you could be any food, what would you be?”
  • “I used to have turtles but they’re dead.” (From Rachel)
  • “Who stole my egg!?” (From Rachel)
  • “We’re on the roof and i’m absolutely freezing my peanuts off!” – In Pokemon video diaries. (From Rachel)
  • “I am looking for love.”
  • My brain isn’t working, send your favourite quotes in! (comment below )


  • Liam has a crush on Pixie Lott/Leona Lewis
  • His favourite member of ‘The Saturdays’ is Una Healy
  • He ripped his pants on stage
  • Liam tweeted that he was afraid of spoons
  • He loves Toy Story
  • He entered the X Factor in 2008 and made it to Simon Cowell’s house
  • His sister’s boyfriend, Craig, tragically died just after new year 2011
  • He said he would date a girl if she was crying
  • He likes eyes on a girl, especially blue eyes
  • A lot of people call Liam boring, but I don’t think he’s boring 😉
  • He auditioned in Birmingham for the X Factor
  • Attended City of Wolverhampton College as a Music Technology student
  • He would have ended up working in “a factory building aeroplanes” if he didn’t enter the X Factor and become a singer

Info below is from Rachel (Thank you so much for the input!)

Phone: A Blackberry. He also has an iPod Touch and an iPad

Favourite grooming product: Hair Wax

Favourite Aftershave: Paco Rabanne’s 1 million.

Pajamas? He sleeps naked!


109 Responses

  1. i think liam is amazing!!
    he is probably my favorite out of 1D but i love them all
    my favorite colour is purple too ;P and i have blue eyes that makes me feel special 😀 lol i heart liam 🙂

    • I love yuhh liamm and i think your the best in 1D love yuhh

    • who cares

      • Why are you even on this website if you don’t care?

      • I agree with “onedirectionnews”. why are you on this sight if you don’t care? you don’t even seem like a fan. you’re just negative and feel like destroying everyone else’s dreams because you don’t and can’t have any

  2. Liam is amazing. I’m afraid of getting older too. I don’t wanna be one of those old grannies who nag to much. Uggg

  3. I am in love with liam payne:)

    • to bad hes mine

  4. I love liam. He is my favourite One Direction member but i love the others all the same! One Direction is like my life and my favourite band and i love the colour purple as well. 🙂 Daniella Peazer is so lucky to be with liam. But i have my own guy that i love aswell, but ya know you always have to have that celebrity to dream about but doubt that they will ever notice you<3 o well 🙂
    i love one direction follow me on tumblr and on instagram @aussiedirectioner and twitter @AmazinglyAilish or my 1D account @its_gotta_be_u

    • True that about the celebrity part

    • Don’t ever give up though! Liam will notice you one day ;D

  5. i love u liam

  6. Super hot (and louis) love one direction!!! Aleisha & Jessica

  7. i thiink liam is SOOO HOOTT!!!!!! ………….(just sayen)
    if i weree to meet him i would melt literly melt!!!!!! agian…..(just sayen)

  8. I love liam! Im actually happy for him, even though I wish it was me. He deserves the best:)

  9. I also want a blue eyes well of course for guys. I don’t want be oldie too and have grand kids. I LOVE CHOCOLATES toooo 🙂


  10. Well I can’t say anymore exepect I love you 1D. I’ll always be 1D fan and thanx for being you !

    P_S I don’t think either that Liam is boring. I think that he is cool.

  11. Aww my friend loves Liam but she doesnt have blue eyes aww sad.

    • so he has brown eyes

    • It’s just his preference, doesn’t mean he won’t like her because of it.

  12. i think liam is a big smelly poo, but a very nice poo at that 😛 I LOVE 1DDDDDD. I like guys with no eyes, im a poet and i just dont know it 😀
    Liam i love sheeppp :)) ITS GOTTTTAAA BE EWWEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    p.s – i don’t have eyes, and i’m still hot ay i.

    • what is wrong with u!:<

  13. I love Liam and I don’t think he’s boring at all! I also love purple, have blue eyes, and people always say I look like Pixie Lott!

  14. I ❤ all the 1D boys can't pick a favorite. But I wish I was friends with them! They look so 8) to hang out with! 🙂

  15. OMG:| i swear me and liam are almost he same;| i love purple and he does too, i have brown eyes and he does too, i love I’m Yours-jason mraz and Who let the dogs out-Baha men, and i LOVEE Click the movie for adam sandler;| i mean adore it cuz i love Adam<3 i LOVE chocolate :* and I'm a fan of Leona Lewis<3 Liaam<3 i swear i didn't lie about anything:| ❤ i ADOREE YOU xx

  16. liam payne is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i love u xoxoxo 🙂

  17. O.M.G liam is so cute i have blue eyes to and im 16 yesss im so happy that im
    not 10 or any thing like that

  18. Geoff is his father 🙂

  19. I love Liam soooo much! My favorite color is purple, & i think that it is soo wierd that his girlfriend is named Danielle…Cuz thts my name 2! lolz Tht shows you that we r ment to b together ❤

  20. I wouldn’t say that I love you Liam because love is a strong emotion, but i do like you and the rest of One Direction and I think that you are all very talented. Love ‘Click’ too, but the old cartoons like ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Alladin’ so much better (can’t get enough of those kiddy movies). And you sleep naked?! Okay I’m not saying its disgusting but what if a bed bug decides to bite you ‘there’, wouldn’t it be painfull? o_0 haha. And one last thing, not being mean but I find it ammusing that you use more hair products than me, and I’m a teenage girl hehe.

  21. Do you like brown eyes?? i know there the color of some un pretty things! 😛

  22. I L♥VE LIAM.He is so cute and HOT!!!!!He is my fav from 1D.

  23. I LOVE LIAM!!!!!!!!!!! He so nice and sweet to me i think we get along just fine,(I am a little shy so thats something is commin) i think we be good friends.(or girlfriend) Also my friend and i are going to how long we can’t use a spoon


  25. OM1D yesterday after I got to see One direction I LITERALLY CRIED! I miss them Soo much! ..Liam and I are like almost the same! I worry, I’m kinda shy, my fav colors are blue & purple!! Like literally, ❤ I wanna spend a day with this amazing teen(;

  26. TTYL…If you call.Hee hee.

  27. I love LIAM he is so cute and he is so not boring and hes only four years older than me

    • hey from me too !! r u 14 ?

  28. I love the color purple to and i wish i could be taller then my friend because they make fun of me for being short

  29. 1D ARE THE BEST YET…Hmm i lyk Liam Yeah bt i dno i gez dat many of us get lucky just when we’re dreamin…(@Sarah)Gez u ryt…love is quite a strong emotion to give into that 2 when it has to do with a celeb and u knw that u may neva get the chance…Bt somwhere deep down in your heart you still believin…you still tryna be da best…feel lyk givin up bt cant do that either…you wana show that person that you are good enough bt u nva reli get the chance coz dey sooo very far away and theres a 99.999% chance that they’ll nva see you…i know this is quite deep coz it only gotta do with a celeb…bt sometyms wen u see som1 ders a part of your heart that skip a beat you hold your breath for a tiny moment and its nt only bcoz of their looks anymore…its somthin else…much more different than that…
    So What to Do…? Keep on believin…? Keep on hopin…? or…Keep on dreamin…?


  31. I LOVE LIAM HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT if i was to meet liam in really life i would fant liam is my favouite 1d member i hve posters all over my wall i loveyou liam


  33. liam is a very nice guy.if he reads this i want him to know that he is super NICE and that i am 11 and im 6’2 so if i can grow that fast so can i. i wish i can meet you 1 day

    • That’s so cool! He can’t grow fast because he’s nearly stopped growing :’)

  34. one direction is so amazing i would die if i got to see them all but think Liam Payne and Harry Styles are the cutest of them all. i think they all sing amazing
    and i would die if to see Liam Payne.
    love you One Direction 😉

  35. Liam Payne is gonna be my future husband we have so much in common and i got to all the one directions concerts I’m insanely in love with him.

    • Unless Danielle does first;)

    • sooo jealous!! ive never been to any of their concerts!!!

  36. He sleeps naked? What a conicedence…..SO DO I 🙂

    • ewwwww

  37. The only thing my friend and I talk about at school is liam

  38. I ❤ liam

  39. Liam payne is my fav from one direction i love the color purple to and im afraid of getting old to

    • Who isn’t 🙂

  40. i totally love liam, and i never knew most of that stuff about him!!! i play basketball, too, and i LOVE chocolate (almost) as much as i love liam and one direction!!!!!! WE LOVE U LIAM, AND AS LONG AS WE R ALIVE, U WILL ALWAYS HAVE FANS!!!!!!!!!

  41. i love ONE DIRECTION too . i love all their voices and all r amazing especially mr. liam . i feel so happy to see him happy .. 😀 .

  42. i love u and harry styles u both r so cute n ur voice r as sweet as u……….. 🙂
    ❤ ❤ for both of u

  43. Liam i have blue eyes, brown curly hair and am quite shy. all of your favorite things. wow that is pretty cool. you are my favorite person in one direction but i like all of you

  44. I love all of you guys do much you all have a great personality and all seem very sweet and loving

    That’s why I LOVE u guys
    Love at first sight

  45. I love Liam I think he is the most amazing person in the world, I wish he would be single!!! He’s the hottest and the smartest and sweetest guy in the band!!! Haha I love Liam!!!!

  46. I litarally obsess over liam i mean the first day i knew about 1d i talk about him so much my friends are tired of him in five minutes the point is that i love him so much ❤

  47. 🙂 I think Liam is amazing!!! But the whole group is so wutev 🙂 hehe he ripped his pants on stage…. lol 😛 that’s funny. he is not boring he’s just quiet (and thoughtful which is super cool). i’m quiet!!! lol yummy chocolate is amazing!!! so is purple 🙂 ooh and the guitar and piano i love piano!! 🙂 right along with I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. hehe i also worry and i want to be taller. i’m the perfect height for basketball! funness!! 😛 music tech sounds fun… 🙂 TOY STORY!!! lol sorry but it’s just sad to be afraid of spoons… sorry but… yeah nevermind ❤ u liam!

  48. Out of all the one direction guys Liam is this cutest

    • And some day I want to see him in person love ya Liam

  49. I love 1D!!! I think it is kind of disturbing sleeping naked…. but Liam is sooooo HOT!!! I would love to meet him and the rest of the guys! My friends and I have our wanna be future planned out!! I want to me Liam, My friend wants to meet Louis, my other friend wants to me Harry, my OTHER friend wants to meet Niall, and my other friend would die to meet Zayn!! I would love to be on stage singing with them!! (my dream would come true!!!! hehe) I LOVE ONE DIRECTION AND THEIR SONG “WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL”!!

  50. follow me on twitter @weloveliam0905 i love u liam u r my life xxx ❤ 🙂

  51. Liam and I have the same hair and eye color, favorite color, fear, and we both have 2 siblings! Crazyyyyy:)

  52. I ov liam so much my walls are covered of posters of pretty much just him ( and some of JB) but my favourite color is Purple as well. I have blue blue eyes and i also am afraid of spoons ever scence i was born
    ~Love you Liam ❤

  53. I love Liam! He is my favorite in One Direction but all of them seem to have great personalities. Liam is so sweet! My favourite colour is purple too! And I love “I’m Yours” and sure “Happy Birthday!” I love LIAM!!!!! He is so nice and quiet and shy and subtle. AHHHH I LOVE 1D!!!!!! My life would not b the same without it! Daniella is so lucky and I’m glad that they are happy together!

  54. Why doesn’t Liam Payne use spoons other than the fact he doesn’t know where they’ve been???

  55. I LUV u Liam!!! I think you are amazingggg 🙂 I Luv One Direction SOOO much!!! I am only 11 but I luv purple, I have brown eyes, and I play the piano as well:) I am very young but I think he is amazing, he is one of those popstars you dream about:)……<3333

  56. Omg! I was born on the 29th of a month… Just like Liam!! And my favorite color is purple and I have blue eyes and brown hair. I need to meet him 🙂
    And ugh why must he be dating someone already?! 😦

  57. i love everything about liam his favorite color turqoise favorite food spaghetti favorite animal parrot no lie those are my favorite things even though im ten i still think he is cute i have dirty blond hair, brown eyes , and i love to go swimming

  58. I love every single one of the One Direction guys :))) I can’t choose betweem all of them I dont have a favorite they are all my favorite. I wish I could get a ticket too go see them, That would make my life If I could. I am insanly In love with them. I just wish I could spend a whole day with them or go to one of thier concerts. I would be so thankful for that. Love them All ❤ Keep being Directioners!!!!! :)))

  59. Liam and i have some things in common,he is my fav.,i wish i can ever meet him or the band,one direction,

  60. liam is so cute
    i wish i wuz 16 & fam. but im not 4 both
    i am 12 and un-fam.
    if i wuz a wizad i wood turn myself in2 a hot fam. 16 year old gal
    love u 1D>

  61. heyy 1 mor thang
    right now im in london england but im origanlly from canada
    2day im goin home & i cant wait 2 tell my friends bout wat i did
    but personaly my fav. wuz sitting around all day doin nothin but losten 2 ur cd
    again luv ya but before i say lata i wonna list my fav. 2 my un-fav. dont take is personaly
    1. Liam
    2. Niall
    3. Harry
    4. Zayn
    5. Louis
    sorry louis
    xxxxoooo luv ur music

  62. Liam we have soooo many things in common!!!


  64. U don’t know me but my BFF Daisy Hadley is actually ur cousin so mail me if u get this and I I I really ❤ U and I like to hear from u in the future so mail me xxxxxxxxx oh and my favorite colour is purple too xx

  65. Were the same! I love purple color too and i love chocolates! Born August too! I love liam! I wish I could be his soulmate ❤ . Im happy because liam ia happy with danielle 🙂

    Hurting <//3

  66. I love liam be my baby 🙂

  67. ❤ xoxo Liam Payne touches my heart ! xoxo ❤

  68. I just heard Liam on 99.9 vergin radio

    • seriously?! well actually what country?

  69. O. M. F. G. i have the same birth day as Liam James Payne!! i was just saying to my friend “wouldn’t it be cool if i had the same birth day as someone in 1D?! and then……..I DO!!!!!! soooo awesomee

  70. He does not sleep naked!!!!!!!!

  71. liam i want to marry you look at this webste

  72. I would date liam i fit all of his ideal girlfriend traits

  73. I loove liam paayne! one of my bestiees love zaayne though ahaha! we are making shiirts to wear on jerseey daay!! whoop! I LOVE YOU LIAMM!<<3333

  74. I have blue eyes and my favorite color is purple to. I love you Liam?

  75. I think out of all the one direction band members Liam is the nicest he seems like a generally down to earth sweet guy and by the I love chocolate too.

  76. Oh and Liam is waaaay hotter than Harry styles no offense Harry

  77. i have blue eyes

  78. i wish icould meet liam and be with him for a day

  79. I luv Liam Payne hes cute and we both like purple ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  80. Liam: is hot, cute, lovely and fit I love u Liam. This page is amazing I have learnt a lot more about Liam

  81. Do you like brown eyed girls (:

  82. Hi every 1 🙂

  83. Heh Im afraid of getting older too! (I’m also afraid of dieing…)

  84. So i wazz walk home with my friend and were talking bout 1D and i chosed LIAM and she chosed zayn but LIAM is cuter no zayn and then fine both r cute we mean hoott

  85. I’m in love with you.
    Sound good?

  86. I love them all but liam and zayn are my fav

  87. I just have alots going on i have school homework chours and.more

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