Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson, One Direction

[Last Edited: 07/05/2012]

Name: Louis William Tomlinson

Age: 20 years old

From: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

D.O.B.: 24th December 1991

Hair Colour: Dirty Blond

Eye Colour: Blue

Siblings: 4- Charlotte (13), Felicity (12), twins Phoebe and Daisy (7)

Parents: Mark and Johannah “Jay” Tomlinson (separated)

Favourite colour: Red

Best friend(s): Stan Lucas and Harry Styles

Relationship status: In long-term relationship with Hannah Walker He is now single. Hannah, Louis and even Louis’ mum confirmed this on twitter. Dating a model – Eleanor Calder

Can play: Piano

Top 5… Favourite Artists:

1) The Fray

2) James Morrison 

3) Pink (“She’s so amazing – I love her music!”)

4) Adele (“Her last album was fantastic!”)

5) Katy Perry

Pet(s): Ted (Dog)

Hobbies: Football, Partying, Tennis, Hanging with friends.

Nicest thing about him (According to him): “You tell me?! Maybe sense of humour!”

First concert: Busted (“Year 6 of school!”)

Worst Habit (According to him): Biting Nails.

Special Skill: Talking to animals (Parrots)

Celebrity Crush: Natalie Portman

His one wish is: “To look back on my life and think ‘I’ve had so much fun!'”

Ideal girlfriend trait(s): Confident, Good sense of humour and full of banter!

Ideal superpower: Stay young forever

Favourite ever song: Wasn’t me- Shaggy Look After You – The Fray

Favourite Film: Forrest Gump

Favourite Food: Cookie Dough – Pizza Hut

Pet hate: Loud Eating!

Fear(s): Growing Up.

Shoe Size: 9 or 10

Well known Quotes:

  • “‘NO!’ Jimmy protested!” – Whilst reading the book Meltdown by Ben Elton
  • “I’m a song!”
  • “Supermaaaan!”
  • “I like girls who eat carrots!”
  • “Mary? She’s mine. SHE’S MINE!” – When asked who he would date from the X Factor contestants
  • “Screw the lightbulb and pat the dog. Then just go crazy with it!”
  • “I like someone who kins of acts a bit of an idiot!”
  • There are many more, just watch the One Direction X Factor video diaries to find them.


  • Louis could  be described as “strange”
  • In a video diary during the X Factor, Louis poured salt into cups of tea and his own hat
  • He has a superman t-shirt, which he wore in a video diary and Liam Payne, his bandmate, has also been seen wearing it many times, also in one video diary – this shows that the boys are always swapping clothes
  • He had an “argument” over twitter with X Factor series 1 winner, Steve Brookestein
  • His mother joined in this despute by tweeting Brookestein, now earning a living by playing small gigs in Cafés
  • He has an infamous bromance with bandmate Harry Styles, which is commonly known as Larry Stylinson
  • He loves fellow X Factor contestant, Mary Byrne (52)
  • When he was 15, he uploaded videos of himself singing onto his youtube channel, LouisTomlinson07
  • He performed as Danny in his school’s production of ‘Grease’
  • He mooned to his school during the school performance and was suspended for it.
  • He’s very protective of his sisters
  • He auditioned in Manchester for the X Factor
  • He was a student at Hall Cross school
  • His ambition was to become a Drama teacher
  • He needs glasses
  • He went to V Festival and has been to Leeds festival too
Twitter: Louis_Tomlinson

Info below is from Rachel (Thank you so much for the input!)

Phone: Louis has an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry.

Favourite grooming product: Dry shampoo for when he can’t be bothered to wash his hair.

Favourite Aftershave: Hollister

Pajamas? If its hot, he sleeps naked. But if it’s chilly, pyjama bottoms.


140 Responses

  1. thanks

    • um Louis hair is dark brown not dirty blond that’s Liam

  2. hey my names felicity i love you so much you know xxx

    • no he is mine ,and i am Daisy(age 10)

  3. that i mean louis

  4. Well known quotes:
    – “It’s ‘T’, it’s ‘E’, it’s ‘R’, it’s ‘R’, it’s ‘R’, it’s ‘R’, it’s ‘R’, it’s ‘R’
    – How many ‘R’s are in there?
    – Six!”

    • He only said four r’s when he was speaking but them he said six …. Just saying . Get the facts sraight

      • Calm down, at least she’s given a quote.

      • Don’t think its that big of a deal. Try to calm down, and next time when your mad at someone about getting the facts straight, try spelling straight right.

      • no i counted it was 6

    • Louis; It’s Terrence thats T its e its r its r its r its r its r its r… Owner: how many r’s are there ? Louis: six: Owner what address is it? Louis: sorry Owner: whats the address? Louis: Sorry I didn’t finish spelling it!!! I love you Louis!!! I blush, I’m funny, short kinda look like you * kinda strange but good* I’m a funny girl like you!!! And I love CARROTS!!!!!

    • I love that video!!!!!

  5. ohhh…i thought on phone they would leave his phone number! not fair!!! 😦

    • ya we need his number<3

      • no!! that would be invading privicy!! not nice

      • stalker muchhhh

    • Aha, I wish I had his number! If I did though, I wouldn’t be giving it out, because it’d be an invasion of privacy and he’d have to change it, which isn’t fair.

      • I want his number!! I wouldnt stalk him

  6. louis tomlinsons ideal superpower is to fly 🙂

  7. OMG hes hilarious my favorite member by far ❤

  8. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    • sucks to suck.

    • that’s got to suck

    • I serchd it but i cudnt find it wats de name?

  9. IT’S LOUIE TOMLINSON!!!!!! love you! xx Aleisha & Jessica

    • *Louis 🙂

    • … its louis, the s makes an e sound…

    • no its *louis*

      • It’s fine, she’s made a mistake, is all.

  10. louis is so hot i love him so much

  11. Louis & I have a lot in common like sense of humor, & a couple other things. 🙂 Eleanor Calder she’s lucky! (dating Louis! I know I know he’s an Ordianary teen except cameras @ him 24/7 but still not a guys r like him or the rest of 1D guys but sense of humor # 1 thing I like in a guy. But Louis is 19 ;( man I’ll be 14 this year…none of the 1D guys will date me/be friends with me)

    • Niall and Harry will go for as young as 14 (:

      • and Harry would go as old as 52! 🙂

      • Dang it! I just turned 13 in December. Ha ha! I just looked up and it said 24th of December! That’s my birthday!

    • I doubt any of them would DATE you… simply because although they say “I’ll date younger.” doesn’t mean they will. It’s to appeal to younger fans. Harry goes for older women normally and the rest would be criticized if they dates you; you saw what happened with Haroline, you’d be the Harry in that and people would hate on you AND Harry.

  12. i hate Eleanor Calder sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for taking louie i want to kill her louie is mine mine mine

    • Excuse me? Don’t you ever dare hate on any of the boy’s girlfriends, you have nothing to do with them. You don’t even know One Direction or their girlfriends so how dare you even judge them? You probably never will know them and I’m glad, you don’t deserve to.

      Oh, by the way? It’s LOUIS, not Louie. You’re not even a fan. Well done on humiliating yourself.

      • I totaly agree,she does not even know the guy,she should not judge a guys love life!! 🙂

    • You’re an obvious directionator.

    • You need to calm down!! I mean I guess you could say you “dislike” her for dating Louis but not in a mean way. I love Louis and I could say I “dislike” her but I really don’t because I have never met her and I am happy Louis has found someone her really likes. And get the spelling of his name right!!

    • Then your not a true directioner! True directioners don’t say they want to kill their G.F.s! True directioners support them in anything! If you look at Louis’s face when he looks into her eyes, you’ll see that it is pure love. And would you want to destroy that?

  13. I love Louis as you may know he is my husband!

  14. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are you so much older tha me??????? ❤

  15. ❤ i love himm

  16. when i first heard a song from one direction i loved it i looked up the members and i really like louis :3 and some my friends showed me a video from the x-factor lol so funny XD btw listen to one direction everyday and tell others about it ❤

    • Good! Spread the love!

      • Sameziez !!!! I absolutely love Louis ❤

  17. i think the haters are going to hate. they can deal with it, if Louis wants a girlfriend then he can have one.. don’t be hating on her because she and him are together.

  18. OMFG I’m your biggest fan!!!! I love
    You sososos much and I was hoping to get tickets to on of your concerts but I didn’t and I also wanted to get a VIP pass<3 you don't no how much I love you and ONE DIRECTION should come play in Cairnd QLD!! I wish I could meet you one day or even talk to you!! I really think your cute and funny and such a great singer<3

    • I totally agree with u and it Cairns.

  19. Your the hottest guy I have ever payed freaking eyes on!! Once I heard your songs I felt In love straight away with who?? ….. YYYOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!

  20. hey my name is April and i just love u, u are sooooo cute my room is cover with posters of u and one direction u can harly she the walls with all the posters on it. i love u i do i do i do…..<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • i ment hardly not harly

      • and see not she

  21. hes 20 🙂

  22. He’s mine, back off 🙂

  23. I LOVE LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM ALL LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Mostly Louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  24. I ❤ Louis!!! I hate carrots, but I'm determined to like carrots. Since he loves girls that love carrots!!!! There is a group of girls at school and we are determined to meet them!! We caught the Direction Infection!!!!!!! And we love it!!!!!

    • I think people have taken the carrot joke too far. He doesn’t like carrots THAT much, there’s no need to change yourself for him!:) Be yourself! He’ll like that!

      • Agree

  25. I love louis tomlinson!!!

  26. Louis Louis Louis.

  27. Luv ya Loui

  28. OMG i love love love love love (x 999999999999999,00000000000000,000000000000) Louis . Hes my louis pie!!!!!

  29. OMG i love love love love love ( x999999999999,000000000000,000000000 )
    Hes my louis pie

  30. Oops i sent it twice
    Well i guess dat shows how much i love him even more… : )

  31. i have a quote for louis :
    “Im putting my hat on what the hell does it look like?”
    and when he puts his hat on he says : ” Oh gawd”. 🙂

  32. U r so sexy wanna date u

  33. I love u😍 your an amazing singer!

  34. 🌺

  35. I love your song same mistakes.The first time
    I saw you I thought you were amazing
    And u r very funny.😊

    • I agree with everything you just said

  36. love one direction

  37. io amo i One Direction <3. Penso che sono dei ragazzi fantastici , e incredibilmente belli :3

    • io amo i One Direction <3. Penso che sono dei ragazzi fantastici , e incredibilmente belli :3
      PS: Sono una Directioner Italiana ;D

      • What language is that like Italian

  38. I think u r very amazing at singing
    Look after u I love 1D!!!!!!!

  39. Omg in 1 hour I am watching
    Saturday night live and your on
    It/1direction and ur the musical
    guest!!! I am thrilled to watch it
    Hope it’s good😊

    • Lol it was awsome

  40. I would get along with all of the guys, Just looking at the info if I knew them we would probably be friends.. 😀

  41. i luv louis tomlinson coz he is soooooooooooooo HOT but i dont hate his girlfriend coz its his privacy if he is happy you all should be happy
    I LOVE 1D ❤

  42. i also ❤ his personality (sorry if spelt wrong)

  43. louis’s hair colour is brunette not dirty blond

  44. He is 20 and I love him. He is sooooooooooooooo hot and I wish I could meet him

  45. His sister’s name are Felicite, and Lottie.

  46. you are so cute louis and amazing at singing

  47. omg louis i love u ur so hot and cant wait teel the consert

  48. I love u louis!!!!! U r the best person on one direction!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I loveeeeeeeee uuuuuuu

  50. I am such a big fan I love u

    • I love you one direction<3luv luv luv

  51. I have a few more quotes for Louis!!
    •”My goldfish is dead!”
    •”Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a fungi.”

    • And a few more quotes:
      •”Aghh the light!” when zayn pulls off louis’s blindfold
      •”Will you marry me?” answering what is your best pickup line
      •”In my first video diary, I expressed my love for women who have the taste in carrots. Since then, I have received plenty of carrots. But I also have the keenest interest of women who like Lamborghinis.”

  52. I love one direction I really love Niall because I am half Irish and Bahamian .i wonder if they would like to come to the Bahamas I will love to meet them

  53. I love Louis I really want to meet him but I prob never will 😭I 💙 one direction 👈

  54. I love you guys <333

  55. i am a big fan of u , i love u louis and i want to meet u one day me and my friend made a movie and the name is ( the louis tomlinson ) well we just made the trailer the movie is coming up next month on youtube i know everything about u ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and plzz come to qatar ill but the ticket the first one and i love carrots and i hate the haters of u and ill do anyhing to meet u and others in one direction , i actually know everything about all u i am a real directionar omg i love u all by the way ur my celebrity crush i love ur solo's i wish u had more u and niall
    one direction infection

  56. What is Louis’s favorite animal?

  57. I love him like every other fan. Happy 21st bday in umm.. (in how many months?) it’s so cool that ur bday is on christmas eve! If ur single again and u want a girlfriend, u can go with me because i am turning 19 and we both has alot in common (Hope u can read this!)
    Please follow me anyone and of course Louis, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall, My twitter: Marie Olson

  58. I’m thinking he thought/wrote Young Forever!! Because, his ideal superpower is to “stay young forever!”

    • He didn’t write Forever Young because it is an old song and One Direction covered it, they didn’t write it.

  59. marry me louis

  60. Omg I love you Louis hey my name is Jessica and I am 11 years old turning 12 on 21st of April you are my fav out of all of all of the one direction crew please reply love your fan Jessica

  61. Love u Louis your the best

  62. I know u like carrots but I don’t ! but I still love ya xx

  63. I love u Louie your the best I love carrots you are a really good singer I love you your really funny. ❤

  64. I’m a big fan

  65. Oh my god Louis Tomlinson is the hottest person in the world. xoxo

  66. I love you Louis your the hottest guy ever!!

  67. BIG FAN , big fan!!! 😀

  68. OMG I just watched one direction reveled
    It was so awesome

  69. Omg love you Louis tomilnson today is my birthday I Justed turned 12 today

  70. Louis is sooo gorgeous!! Cx

    • I Now right

  71. Omg, I love him so much. :’)<3

  72. I love u louis I think ur amazing😍

  73. Louis is my Boo Bear, ya know.

  74. Yes you do have a sense of humour Louis tomilnson you are a really good singer I love you I really want to see you in real life but not fair I can’t it will never happen

  75. Don’t forget Louis has broken his wrist twice once whil playing soccer and once cuz he fell off a chair

  76. haha you’s are acting pretty pathetic, he’s just a guy. yeah, he’s amazingly hot, talented, and is like, well, a dream guy to most girls, but there’s no need to get all obsessive and no need to hate on his girlfriend!
    people, get back to reality, chances of any of them dating you would be pretty low. and you guys aren’t gonna get his number either soo yeah.


    • You’re right, but please don’t be so blunt and harsh. Don’t crush people’s dreams as if they’re not possible because there is still a slim chance. People who write things like that really annoy me.

  77. I just love one direction… They are the best… ❤

  78. No, he said he would fly. Zayn said he would stay young forever. Please fix! Other than that good!

    • Hm, I’m sure it was the other way round. Please can you link me to the appropriate video diary?

  79. I love Louis so much don’t even know thanks this will help with one direction project in school but I knew mostly all off it so

  80. you’ve got to change some of this, for example, he’s 20 now.

  81. Om omg Omg I love u Louis Tomlinson u are my fav in the one direction group love you

  82. I love kevin the pigeon he is hot

  83. Staying young forever is zayn not Louis and why doesn’t Kevin have a page?

    • whos kevin?

  84. Um jus wonderin out of
    999999999999999,000000000000000 %
    how much do ye

    • Plese reply 2 de above ⬆😊
      I had a dream last nite bout 1D and trust me…
      IT WAS WEIRD!!!

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