Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Above: Zayn Malik,

Name: Zayn (Born Zain) Javadd Malik

Age: 18 years old

From: (West Lane Baildon, East Bowling), Bradford, Yorkshire

D.O.B.: 12th January 1993

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown (Can be debated as Hazel)

Siblings: 3 – Doniya (19), Waliyha (10) and Safaa (8)

Parents: Unknown (please provide this info?)

Favourite colour: Blue

Best friend(s): Fal (@Skylightx) and *

Relationship status: Rumoured to be dating Rebecca Ferguson, who came 2nd place in series 7 of the X Factor Did date Rebecca Ferguson, confirmed. But now new rumours have risen, and no one knows if they’re together or broken up, due to the rumoured ‘no girlfriends’ rule from their management. Single. (Confirmed here) TBC

Can play: Triangle

Top 5… Romantic Songs:

1) Can You Help Me? – Usher

2) You got it bad. – Usher

3) Superman. – Robin Thicke

4) Can You Believe? – Robin thicke (“Anything by him)

5) So Sick – Ne-Yo

Pet(s): Boris (Dog), Rolo (Cat) and Tom (Cat)

Hobbies: Drawing, Acting.

Nicest thing about him (According to him): Fashion Sense (He likes to think)

First concert: JLS (At the O2 Arena)

Worst Habit (According to him): Vanity

Special Skill: Drawing/Art

Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba

His one wish is: “To sing on the moon!”

Ideal girlfriend trait(s): Meaningful conversation

Ideal superpower: Ability to fly

Favourite ever song: Thriller – Michael Jackson

Favourite Film: Scarface

Favourite Food: Chicken (any kind)

Pet hate: Chewing Loudly

Fear(s): Height

Shoe Size: 8 1/2

Well known Quotes:

  • “Vas Happenin’?”
  • “I’d be a Rogan Josh.”
  • “I’m a bit of a romantic really.”
  • “TOO… MUCH… ENERGY… JUICE” (From Rachel)
  • “Would you like a spring roll babes? BABES?!” (From Rachel)
  • “If she’s got a nice smile then that makes everything else worthwhile.” (From Rachel)
  • “We take the paper off, cause the paper doesnt taste good.” (From Rachel)
  • “I can play the triangle.” (From Rachel)
  • “Rogan is one of my middle names.” (From Rachel)
  • “Tune in next week, when Zoe will be eating fruit off my naked body.” (From Rachel)
  • “Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis are my brothers from another mother.” (From Rachel)
  • “I’m a bit of a romantic really.”


  • He is quite quiet
  • He takes the longest to get ready in the morning
  • He is well know for being vain
  • He once wrote a girl a song (“And may or may not have sung it to her.”)
  • Both of his ears are pierced
  • His father is Muslim
  • He was rumoured to have dated Geneva Lane from Bell Amie
  • He was a student at Tong High School
  • Zayn’s ambition was to become a Science teacher
  • He sings Chris Brown in the shower

Info below is from Rachel (Thank you so much for the input!)

Phone: Zayn has an iPhone 4 and has a blackberry too, but he doesn’t use it. He prefers the iPhone.

Favourite grooming product: Hair Wax

Favourite Aftershave: Unforgivable by Sean John

Pajamas? Pants


165 Responses

  1. Zayns mams name is Tricia (Patricia) 🙂

    • And his father’s name is Yasser. 🙂

  2. *Correction*
    Zayns ambition was to be a English teacher lol!

  3. I think Waliyha is 13 guys. That’s on her FB.

  4. Love to see him sleeping then!
    Sexy as.
    I love him sooooooooooooooo much it’s unreal.
    GO ZAYN!!!!!!!!!! ❤

    • I saw a video of him sleeping then Niall, Louis, and Liam came in and woke Harry and zayn but zayn went back to sleep
      He looked soooooooo cute
      It’s called the get up song one direction on YouTube

  5. his celeb crush in megan fox not jessica alba

    • hell yeah

      • Actually, it is Jessica Alba, not Megan Fox 🙂

    • His Celeb crush is Megan Fox AND Jessica Alba.

      • but he likes megan fox more

      • He actually said he doesn’t have a crush on Megan Fox before, he’d rather have a beautiful girl, not a sexy one. & I have never, ever heard that he Liked Jessica Alba. 🙂

    • That’s what I said Megan fox not Jessica alba

  6. His favorite color is red. He is 19. His dad is Yasser and mom is Trisha. Celebrity crush is Megan Fox.

    • his favorite color is Electric Blue, not Red. Red is Louis’ favorite color,
      Niall- Green
      Liam- Purple
      Zayn- Electric Blue
      Louis- Red
      Harry- Blue

      • Harry-PInk
        Zayn-electric blue
        and Zayn was born Zayn he tells you in an interview

      • Harry’s favorite color is orange

      • In the Official Book it says that Zayn’s favorite color is red and not blue. =)

      • actually, they said in an interview:

        Louis -Red
        Liam – Something like brown
        Zayn – Green and Black
        Niall – Green
        Harry – blue

      • oh gosh S: im more confused now somebody told me that in their book niall says blue , harry orange , louis red & zayn red

      • harrys is pink

      • Harry’s fave color is pink

    • his fav colour is electric blue.

  7. he wanted to be an english teacher and his middle name is Jawaad.

    • no its defiantly Javaad

  8. Ahhhh, Zayynn ❤

  9. Soooo hot Zayn love you (best Singer)!!!!!!!!! Aleisha & Jessica ilyxx

  10. His mom is Patricia, Ambition : get his english degree then become an english teacher (if he wasn’t a singer) Celebrity crush: Megan Fox.

  11. What sort of boxers does zayn wear<3

  12. He is Mixed Raced Pakistani/English cos his mums is english and his dad is pakistani
    however his religion is islam not christianity so basically he is a muslim and his mum converted into a muslim before he was born so thats another way he is a muslim also on a tour he had to get special chicken mad made because he doesn eat pork and by special i mean halal.
    also his friends told a magazine he bids to be the first muslim champ to win xfactor
    here is the link:

  13. Wow I have to admitted I have way more things in common with him than I thought I also have a talent for drawing,I’m quite,I have an iPhone.basically all of the above.(but not Muslim but something similar I’m Hindu) 😉

    • Wow

    • Lol! Hinduism is nothing close to Islam dear:)

      • @Sabrina Raj

    • Me to kind of
      I love to draw, I’m quite quiet, I like blue and/or red, I have brown eyes, fear of heights, I love chicken but I’m only 10
      I still love him

    • whoa whoa whoa, there is no way that muslims and hindus are alike, no offense…..:/

    • Hinduism is nt close to Islam Looool!!!! 😀

  14. Sorry about that last comment I was lost.STUPID Me. Duh and I’m British we’ll ok but half Brit I can talk in the accent though. I want to delete that last comment.HELP:{

    • Not all British people have the same accent;)
      Don’t worry love, I’ll delete the comment:) x

  15. hes so hott!!

    • Ik

  16. Zayn is soo awesome!!

  17. I LOVE YOU!!! ❤

  18. Zayn’s a moslem 🙂

  19. Correction:
    Zayn has a celebrity crush on megan fox!

    I LOVE YOU ZAYN!! MARRY ME! 😀 i’ll keep you very happy!

    GO ZAYN!!!

  20. Zayn’s a moslem 😀


  21. his biggest fear is water not heights ( he said it at an interview )

    • its actually both…but not water any more because he got over it since the what makes you beautiful video

      • Uhh, darling. He is afraid of water because he can’t swim, he never learned how. So, it’s water.

  22. His hobbies is singing

  23. i hate zayn ya buddy!!!!

    • Why do you hate him?

      • does Zayn, use to smoke?, if he is.. why?

    • thank you for sayin dat

    • um if u hate him suck it up

    • HATER!!! NOT COOL!!!

    • then why are u here?

    • Why do you hate him ??!!!??!! He’s like da best yea buddy

    • Your the worst he’s amazing and your just a loser Desirre

  24. im sorry i mean MUSLIM 😀

    • Zayn is so cute!

      • *I am a pakistani and half British just like zayn?*

  25. I like you

  26. i love you Zayn, you are so awesome….., you are my life!!! i looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee you… mwah!

  27. Its all abut ZAYN ZAYN ZAYN ZAYN ZAYN, its all abouy me, me, me HAKKO!!!

  28. i love you so much Zayn..I’m from Philippines,I’m not that beautiful,not rich,not intelligent..He can never love me back..I hate the fact that i can never see him,i can never touch him and he can never love me..

    • if you are really not that good then be yourself , you can not change all of ypur personality just because of him.

  29. Omg I love zayn hes my baby


  31. His ideal superpower is to stay young forever. And he wanted to be an English teacher, not a science teacher.

  32. I ❤ Zayn Malik

  33. Zayn when he was little he watched power rangers

  34. His ideal superpower ability is to stay young forever

    • I know rite
      He said himself in their video diaries

    • no that was louis ideal superpower, zayns was to fly

  35. i like very ZAYN MALIK follow me on twitter jesu_robert@

  36. Well actually he wanted to be a reacher he is muslim n his mums name is trisha n his instagram is Zaynmalik_official. He is my role model n i look up to him so badly n his fave colour is red i ❤ him so much✌

    • Are u sure his fav color is red?????

    • his fav color is BLUE

  37. Try it! Try it! Drink the energy juice! ~ Zayn

    • wats his fav energy drink ???



    • Zaynnnnnnnnn call me

  40. zayn’s fear is water not heights although he does have little fear of heights, zayn’s mum’s name is patricia and his middle name is spelt Jawaad not javaad. He also wanted to be an english teacher not a science teacher.

  41. Zayn! *drools*
    He is amazayn ❤

  42. I love Zayn Malik! He is so hot!

    • He’s mine (:

  43. hey zayn i love u sooo much please marry me i cant believe u actually touched my hand it felt really soft i have now seen u 4 times i saw u at KCA and once in the Jingle Bell Ball and twice in a concert of ur own i am coming to ur new one i love u guyssss GO ONE DIRECTIONNNNNNNN

  44. I LOVE ZAYN HE IS MY LIFE. AND MY FUTURE HUSBAND.(I HOPE) Although I know that won’t happen but never lose hope.

  45. Oh my god!!!!! I love Zayn sooooooooo…. much

  46. i love Zayn Malik!!He is soooooo hot!!
    By the way he likes all kinds of blue not just eletric blue!!
    And I cant wait to go to your concert!!!!!!!!
    i think your the best singer out of all!!

  47. I LOVEE ZAYN MALIK HES AMAZING ALWAYS ND FOREVER….nd omg im muslim tooo hahaha <33


  49. i dont like you

  50. Just wanted to say that my 2nd name is actually malik….
    And zayn malik is the hottest & sexiest person I’ve seen in my life , were both kind of same coz I’m the same age as him ,
    I can sind , good at art nd drama , I got an A for ma gcse’s
    and I’m a half cast ( muslim and christian ) x

  51. Zayn i ❤ u if u Marry me i will make your life happy and harry i ❤ u to i want to marry Zayn first then in 50 years i will marry harry this is my song about harry harry i want to marry you do do do do your hair is handsome a bear is random do do do do ya i said ya your handsomer than a lam i said ya do do do do hey baby your so cute all the boys want to puke but your cute! now Zayn's song Zayney you make me brainy when ever i see u do do do hey i said hey i want to say Ok other girls want to ask u to marry them but me i will make your life happy Zayney you still make me brainy but plz plz plz say yes to marry me!

  52. he’s celebrity crush is megan fox!:)

  53. I love Zayn :)) ❤

  54. OMG We Got Alot In Common ! I Love U ❤ 😀

  55. His crush is also Megan fox

    • Zayn you are sooo hot and I have a huge crush on you. Please marry me!!!

  56. His celeb crush is Megan Fox ! Not Jessica Alba !

  57. zayn ur the hottest in the whole of 1D!!! U R sooooooooo sexy!! ur hand is like an angels and so r u!!!!1

    menaka =)

  58. Zayn is very talented but he knows that we love him so let’s show him how much we love him i love you Zayn so much if someone were about to shoot you i would jump in front of the bullet I love you so much 🙂

  59. Umm Correction He Said He Wouldn’t Want The Ability To Fly But To Be Young Forever

  60. I love zayn

  61. He said his super power would be to live forever in one of their video diary

  62. Zayn We have so much in commen i love u

  63. I luv one direction!!! Especially zayn!!! ❤

  64. I think it’s sweet that he likes girls who can have a meaningful conversation with you. 🙂

  65. His mums name is Muara and his dads name is Yesha.

  66. More zayn quotes:
    •”echo echo echo”

  67. Zayn y r u so cute?

  68. I just want to say i love you so much even through you don’t even known I’m alive,
    I want to let you known that on Thursday night i was watching your videos on youtue and you guys where talking about ‘what you would do if you were to stay up the hole night’?
    And i actually stayed up the hole night watching some of your funny moment and your songs . That’s how how i love you guys i would stay up the hole for you guys. I wanted to go to your concert in Melbourne but your tickets were sold out. Love guys… x tigisti beyene

  69. Zayn’s dads name is Yasser and he is a muslim and Zayn’s moms name is Patricia and i’m not sure but I think she is a converted muslim bacause Zayn says he is 100% muslim and even he has a muslim name!!

  70. I Hate people that says MARRY ME! your bunch of Shitheads!! I Mean’t he is my crush too but some people shows early signs of obsession to him but I know that after 3 to 6 months your obsession of Zayn will Be gone
    AND OHH..


  71. Zayn i want u forever and never want to not see u. U r my crush,but i’m to young for u),,,,:

  72. He is dating someone we saw him talking (by phone) talkin to a girl “Jennifer” and then we asked for his autograph.

  73. Zayns dad is called bruce and his mom is called jain xx 😀

  74. his middle name is JAWAAD
    his favorite color is ELECTRIC BLUE (yes there is a difference)
    his favorite food is SAMOSAS (and boy they are delicious)
    his mum’s name is tricia
    his dads name is yaseer
    yes he is muslim
    and he is 19

  75. I luv Zayn Malik

    • Follow me on twitter at @suadwazhere

  76. I have never ate of of anyobes body!! (Cuz my name is Zoe and plus, the closest I’ve ever gotten to eating off of someone is biting my brothers!!!

  77. Zayn is beautiful! He is Muslim too. His father is Pakistani and so am I! Im also Muslim! So proud to be a pakistani muslim cuz of him


  79. Actually his middle name is spelling Jawaad 😉

  80. Heey , I can play your triangle Zayn whereva ya are! 😀 😛 !!! 🙂

  81. Omg my sister loves u I mean like loves u loves u she always talks about u and everthing she is 15 an she is turning 16 on the 30th of may she love u I love u too Zayn from your fan Jessica

  82. There is a quote that says my middle name is rogan, but it should be ‘Josh’ he said it in one of the video diaries for the Xfactor

  83. CORRECTION. Zayne doesn’t take tha\e longest to get ready in the mornings. LIAM DOES.

  84. His celebrity crush is actually Megan Fox

  85. Zayn
    I love u!!!

  86. um he’s afraid of water

  87. His dad is Yasser and mom is Trisha.

  88. and my shoe size iz 8 1/2 O.O

  89. Zayn is amazing and guess what I can play the triangle too wow

  90. zayn’s parents are tricia and yaser (last names not found.)

  91. Thank you Zayn, for giving us inspiration to write a good story (like a fanfiction. WE’RE NOT PERVERTED FANS.)

  92. I love zayn so much I would die if he asked me to be his girlfriend
    Favorite color electric blue
    Love you zayn and 1d

    • Plus zayn should really marry me follow me on twitter @ambercutiepie99

  93. Zayn is the sexiest guy that has walked the face of the earth!!!!!

  94. Zayn’s favorite color is RED. And his parent’s name are Mr. Bruce Malik and Mrs. Jain Malik

  95. Now Zayn Malik is official taken with Perrie.
    He’s not single anymore :”

  96. i’m a big fan of him because of his voice!go 1D, see you soooon! 😀


  98. Zayn is full Muslim cos his mum converted before he was born and he wanted to become an English teacher and he is afraid of water not heights!:D

  99. I am a Muslim Pakistani just like zayn 😀

  100. Zayn’s name means “beautiful” in Arabic.

  101. His celeb crush is megan fox, his fav color is blue, and his middle name is Jawwad

  102. I would like to be his science student;)

  103. I love when hes says VAS HAPPENIN

  104. innit

  105. Dear zayn sorry to break it to you but in space as it is a vacuum sound cannot be hear not even by yourself unless wearing a helmet so unless you wish to sing to yourself you cannot sing on the moon

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