The X Factor

X Factor Performances:

[From ‘Wikipedia‘]

Week Song choice Theme Result
Payne’s audition Cry Me a River Free choice (no theme) Through
Horan’s audition So Sick Free choice (no theme) Through
Styles’ audition Isn’t She Lovely Free choice (no theme) Through
Tomlinson’s audition Hey There Delilah Free choice (no theme) Through
Malik’s audition Let Me Love You Free choice (no theme) Through
Bootcamp (Payne & Styles) Stop Crying Your Heart Out Free choice (no theme) Through
Bootcamp (Horan) Champagne Supernova Free choice (no theme) Through
Bootcamp (Tomlinson & Malik) Make You Feel My Love Free choice (no theme) Through
Judges’ House Torn Free choice (no theme) Through
Week 1 Viva la Vida Number-ones Safe
Week 2 My Life Would Suck Without You Musical heroes Safe
Week 3 Nobody Knows[disambiguation needed] Guilty pleasures Safe
Week 4 Total Eclipse of the Heart Halloween Safe
Week 5 Kids in America American anthems Safe
Week 6 Something About the Way You Look Tonight Songs by Elton John Safe
Week 7 All You Need Is Love Songs by The Beatles Safe
Week 8 Summer of ’69 Rock Safe
You Are So Beautiful
Week 9 (semi-final) Only Girl (In the World) Club classics Safe
Chasing Cars “Get me to the final songs”
Week 10 (final) Your Song Free choice (no theme) Safe
She’s the One” (performed with Robbie Williams) Celebrity duet
Torn Free choice (no theme) Third Place



6 Responses

  1. they should have won the X-factor but the are still a band so i am happy:) XXXX LY GUYS!!

  2. I love you guys! I watched the entire thing & fell in love with you all! 🙂 Good Luck with the future.

  3. so much better than the other guy they should of won!

    • I respect Matt Cardle, he deserved to win, he has a great voice and the nation loved him. Rebecca was great too, she has an amazing voice, it was such a close competition in 2010, there was too much talent!

  4. They are way better than Matt Cardle
    They’re known worldwide

    • Being known Worldwide has surely helped their fame, but I respect Matt and I think that he deserved to win.

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